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EVENT REPORT | 20 March 2020

Consultation report on graphene and related materials now available

A Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) workshop on graphene and related materials (GRM) took place in Brussels on 20th January 2020. The goal of this workshop was to discuss the most important challenges of graphene and related materials in different areas of application.

Graphene Flagship

Fifteen experts from academia and industry participated in this open discussion, organised by the Flagships unit of the Directorate-General CONNECT and explored the most important research challenges in the field of graphene and related materials in preparation of the next Framework Programme Horizon Europe

The participants of the workshop identified specific challenges regarding:

  • material and production,
  • health and biomedical applications,
  • electronics,
  • optoelectronics/photonics,
  • energy generation and
  • energy storage.

In addition, they highlighted that the many GRM based technologies have a huge potential for green manufacturing technologies due to the typically low-emissions, low energy consumption and the possibility to avoid hazardous material. 

The outcomes of the meeting are now available in the consultation report (.PDF).


The European Commission launched the FET Flagship on Graphene and Related Materials in 2013. The initiative has resulted in the development of many prototypes, the creation of spin-off companies and innovative product launches. The Graphene Flagship is a good example of multi-sectoral collaboration of academic institutions, small and medium-size businesses and large enterprises across the European Union.

As the beneficiary of the FET Programme, the Graphene Flagship aims to secure a major role for Europe in the ongoing technological revolution, helping to bring graphene innovations out of the lab and into commercial applications. The Graphene Flagship gathers nearly 150 academic and industrial partners from 23 countries, all exploring different aspects of graphene and related materials. Bringing diverse competencies together, the Graphene Flagship facilitates cooperation between its partners, accelerating the timeline for industry acceptance of graphene technologies.