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Consultation workshop "Chips for Europe" Initiative

Join other experts in shaping the Chips Act's "Chips for Europe" Initiative

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As part of the ongoing consultation on the upcoming implementation of the "Chips for Europe" Initiative, as foreseen within Pillar 1 of the proposed Chips Act, we organised a virtual workshop on Thursday 29th September 2022. We presented the Commission’s ideas on future pilot lines and a design platform, key components of the Commission’s strategy to strengthen the semiconductor ecosystem in Europe and accelerate the process from the lab to the fab. 

The day was divided in a morning session on the design platform and its implementation and an afternoon session on pilot lines and their implementation.

Please find below the presentations from the event: 

  • Welcome by Colette Maloney (HoU CNECT A3)
  • Design platform:
    • Marco Ceccarelli (CNECT A3)
    • Romano Hoofman (imec)
    • Jean-Marc Talbot (Siemens)
    • Alec Vogt (Synopsys)
    • Thierry Dumaure (Cadence)
    • Neil Parris (ARM)
    • Patrick Pype (NXP)
    • Thorsten Edelhäußer (Fraunhofer)
    • Philippe Notton (SiPearl)
  • Pilot lines:

More presentations and a workshop report will be published soon!!