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Data-related aspects in 'business-to-platform' trading practices | Workshop report

The European Commission is organising a series of workshops to discuss specific issues related to trading practices between online platforms and their business users. A high-level report of the workshop focusing on data-related issues is now available.

The European Commission held a series of stakeholder engagement events as part of its fact-finding exercise on platforms' business-to-business (B2B) trading practices.  

The first of three workshops took place on 19 October and dealt specifically with data access, (re-)use and portability in the online platforms environment. The high level report summarises the discussion and points to the practices experienced by the business users.

The Commission organised a similar event focusing on platforms' terms & conditions and will host a discussion early 2017 on  data and transparency. The workshops are organised under the Chatham House rule and by invitation-only. High level reports of the discussions will be made available for each of them.

The in-depth discussions from the workshops are complemented by a more comprehensive study. All interested online platforms and business users of online platforms are invited to participate by submitting their answers to the ongoing online surveys.