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REPORT / STUDY | 07 April 2015

The development of the European market for on-demand audiovisual services

This report was prepared in the framework of a contract between the European Commission (DG Connect) and the European Audiovisual Observatory.

In addition to comprehensive statistics for the year 2014 covering on-demand services established and available in the EU, this report presents five sections covering important issues to understand the development of this dynamic sector and its impact on the wider audiovisual landscape:

  • Online advertising in the EU in 2013
  • Recent developments of the SVOD market in Europe in 2014
  • The proportion and the prominence of European works in VOD catalogues
  • The role of providers of VOD services and distribution platforms in the financing of film and audiovisual production
  • Measurement of fragmented audiovisual audiences

The large range of statistics on services is extracted from a database that has been recently updated by the Observatory. These statistics represent one of the few tools available to map the supply side of the on-demand audiovisual sector at the level of the Member States as well as some of its main features.

The report is available here.