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EVENT REPORT | 12 June 2020

DIH Webinar: Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities (25/5/2020) - Report

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) have and important role in accelerating the take-up of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by helping public administrations identify necessary datasets, develop algorithms, train AI and link to computing facilities, building on the “AI-on on-demand” platform.

To enable this support mechanism, DIHs could also take an active role in helping cities get access to and re-use the data, relevant at urban level, regardless of its source. While the creation of common EU dataspaces for various domains is promising (energy, mobility, health etc.), smart cities could also benefit from data generated by persons, companies and machines as well as behavioural data. DIHs could also have an important role in bringing together or develop the necessary ecosystem of relevant stakeholders to make this happen.

The previous webinar, held on 30/04/2020 introduced the idea of DIHs helping in the transition towards smart cities and highlighted measures that could help develop strategies, implement urban platforms, re-use existing digital tools and even arrive at providing urban digital services.

The webinar on 25/05/2020 aimed to complement these aspects with that of data and AI, trying to address the following questions:

  • What European tools / knowledge can DIHs use to help smart cities experiment with AI?
  • What data sets are most relevant for smart city services and what governance mechanisms would be most useful?
  • What kinds of AI-enabled solutions and services would cities benefit from the most?
  • What role can DIHs take to help cities implement AI-enabled urban services or urban digital twins?


European tools and support measures for using AI in smart cities 

Showcasing AI-enabled solutions in smart cities 

Full report 


Event report on the webinar Artificial Intelligence and smart cities 25.05.2020_V3.pdf