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European Commission's Report on Film Heritage

The report reviews and assesses the overall progress achieved in the European Union in implementing European Parliament and Council Recommendation on Film Heritage 2012-2013.

This newly published document on Film heritage is the fourth report on implementation of the 2005 Recommendation on film heritage and the competitiveness of related industrial activities. It is based on replies of the Member States to a Commission questionnaire circulated in September 2013. The analysis shows how European film heritage risks missing the digital train.

The report identifies barriers to film digitisation and online access, such as lack of funding (for every €97 invested by the public sector in the creation of new films, only €3 go to the preservation and digitisation of these films) and the high cost and complexity of copyright clearance. 

A good example is the Danish Film Institute which offers an open film streaming platform. Within the first two months after its launch, it attracted almost 200,000 users.

The Commission will continue to monitor progress in this area through periodic reports such as the present one and by chairing the EU Expert Group on Film Heritage. It will also monitor correct transposition of the Orphan Works Directive to bring online books, press articles, films that are still protected by copyright but whose authors or other rightholders are not known or cannot be located or contacted.

Please read the full Report and the Annex

See the press release of the European Commission on the report.