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“European News Media Forum: industrial transformation” at a glance

On 29 November 2021, the Commission organised the second edition of the European News Media Forum, focusing on the sector’s industrial transformation.

The event included 7 thematic sessions reflecting key topics for the resilience and transformation of the industry, such as new business and revenue models, new ways to engage audiences, diversity, media convergence, new formats and partnerships. 

A diverse group of top European media executives from the radio, press, TV and multimedia sectors joined from all over Europe and beyond. Commissioner for Internal Market, Thierry Breton, European Commission Vice President for Values and Transparency, Věra Jourová and MEP Dace Melbārde, also took the floor. 

The exchanges underlined the interest of European media organisations in innovating, in joining efforts and partnering to retain audiences and revenues. Over 500 people joined both in Brussels and online to follow the sessions, exchange with speakers and share their views. 

You can consult the programme here, read our exhaustive report here and catch up on the discussions in the videos below.

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Opening Session

18 months after the pandemic hit, the media landscape is changing. Where do we stand on news media consumption? What are the main defining trends in this period, and what are the opportunities for the future?

Session 1: Innovations to generate revenues 

In the context of falling revenues, building up new, strong business models is of paramount importance. What are the latest innovations? What will become of advertising revenue?

Session 2: Building a sustainable and independent model 

Media organisations have to develop new strategies to achieve financial independence. What accounts for an independent media sector today? How to find a sustainable model in times of crisis?

Session 3: Engaging communities 

In the context of increased competition, many media organisations are adapting and reinventing their relationship with their audiences in order to retain them, and to offer them quality content that speaks to them. What are their new approaches?

Session 4: News that speak to all audiences 

In the face of increasing demand for more inclusiveness, media organisations are becoming more aware of their responsibility and impact. How are they addressing diversity? How does it fit into their business models?

Session 5: Media convergence and trust

The online convergence of media and content as well as the interconnection of devices are definitely trends. How do media groups and actors adapt? How do they ensure people can trust the content that is shared online?

Session 6: Developing new formats 

Citizens are increasingly turning to more visual and interactive online formats, and most often via news-aggregating platforms. How do news media organisations adapt to this new demand? 

Session 7: Partnerships and media plurality 

A variety of partnerships and financing models have the potential to offer approaches for innovation and support the independence of news media organisations. What businesses can media outlets turn to?

Showcase projects

These projects represent the European media’s efforts to strengthen the sector. There is an ongoing horizontal study on the feasibility of a European content-sharing platform, and a concrete example of innovation and collaboration in the radio sector.

Final session: Looking ahead 

The European market is very diverse. Next to a trend of media consolidation, a variety of regional and local actors keep delivering quality news to our communities. What does the future hold? How can we reconcile innovation, consolidation and plurality? 

Background information

The Commission is engaging in regular exchanges with the news media industry through the European News Media Forum (ENMF), with aims at working towards an innovative news media agenda which can help the sector thrive in the digital economy and society. The dialogue kicked off in March 2021 with a first edition on the safety of journalists.

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