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Finalisation of the fixed cost model for the delegated act on a single EU-wide fixed voice call termination

Today the Commission has published an external study assessing the cost of providing fixed wholesale voice call termination rates. The findings will act as one of the various inputs taken into consideration by the Commission in preparation of the future delegated act on the so-called Eurorates.

The study (SMART 2018/0014) was commissioned to contribute insights to the preparation of the future delegated act that will set the Union-wide maximum termination rates for fixed and mobile voice calls, also known as Eurorates, due by the end of 2020.

The study does not prejudice any future policy decision taken by the Commission in the termination domain, which will be based on a range of inputs. These inputs also include public consultations and additional information collected from stakeholders.

The study was carried out by Axon Partners Group.




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