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Fourth meeting of the expert group on Safer Internet for Children

The fourth meeting of the expert group on Safer Internet for Children took place online on 17 June 2020. The minutes of the meeting are now available.

The fourth meeting of the experts addressed various topics including:

  • The legal framework (Directive 2011/93) put in place by the EC to fight child sexual abuse and the Commission’s plans for a new Strategy for a more effective fight against online child sexual abuse.
  • The mission and functioning of the EU co-funded network of hotlines (INHOPE), where the public can anonymously report abuse material encountered online.
  • The results of the study financed by the European Parliament and implemented by DG CNECT on the best practices to tackle child sexual abuse online. The study, not public yet, analysed the functioning of the INHOPE network of internet hotlines, made recommendations for future improvements and identified proactive operations for hotlines.

In addition, the representative from the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education illustrated the measures taken in the Croatian education system as a response to the COVID-19 crisis.


Distant teaching and learning in primary and secondary schools in Croatia
EU funding: INHOPE Hotline network