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ICT ART CONNECT - Activities Linking ICT and Art: Past Experience - Future Activities

The study "ICT ART CONNECT: Activities Linking ICT and Art: Past Experience - Future Activities" reveals further evidence for the integration of the arts as an essential and fruitful component within research and innovation in ICT.

It connects communities of artists and researchers at all levels, including institutions, companies and individuals, and it has given origin to a new online platform. STARTS – Science, Technology and the Arts brings together artists and researchers to creatively innovate in ICT. The study presents artists’ critical but constructive approach to technology with close-to-market outputs, a strong common focus towards social innovation, linking research and science communication to new social and educational platforms.

The multidisciplinary and hybrid approach with technology as common ground blends research and artistic practices into tangible outcomes and results. Partnership with industry focused on mutual beneficiary collaborations is generating disruptive but structural and concrete results and is thus becoming a new standard in innovation management. The hybrid and nomadic community of ICT and arts is expanding rapidly over Europe. Building on successful stories and projects, it can be enabled to redefine research, innovation, social change and education on a wider and more permanent base in the coming years.