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Language technologies in the Digital Europe programme – Stakeholder consultation

A consultation workshop with language technology (LT) stakeholders took place on 10 and 11 February 2020 in Brussels. The workshop gathered 50 representatives of the European LT community, mainly developers and providers of LT software and services but also LT users from different sectors for 1,5 days of intense discussions and team work.

The objective of the workshop was to identify current and future needs and challenges related to the deployment of language technologies in Europe to help prepare and scope the EC intervention concerning language technologies in the early work programmes of the upcoming Digital Europe programme.

After the EC presentation on the ongoing LT actions, recent SME consultation results and the DEP Orientations, the European Language Grid initiative was presented, followed by a presentation by LT-Innovate of the industry perspective on the challenges at hand. In the second half of the morning and early afternoon, each participant gave a brief two-minute presentation accompanied by one or two slides relating to the following issues: language technology and AI, exploiting language data in EU, financing of LT deployment in European SMEs, infrastructure requirements, as well as interoperability and standardisation. Aspects related to the shared responsibility of EU and the Member States for the development of language technologies for European languages were also touched upon.

In the afternoon of the first day and in the morning of the second day participants took part in thematic sessions related to the above subjects.

The workshop ended with presentations of the results of the discussions and feedback on the results of all thematic sessions. A digest of the discussions is available in the workshop report.

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DEP LT Stakeholder Consultation workshop report
EC presentation
ELG Presentation
LT-Innovate Presentation
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