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EVENT REPORT | 01 October 2020 movement – 3rd meeting with signatories of the declaration

With more than 150 participants in an interactive Zoom session hosted by ENoLL, the third plenary meeting of the movement held on 29 September 2020 was a big success.
The chair Eddy Hartog and his colleagues had the pleasure to host more than 60 cities, partially signatories of the political declaration but also some guest cities from the Intelligent Cities Challenge programme, the organisations behind the initiative ENoLL, Eurocities, OASC, the Committee of the Regions and several services of the European Commission.

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The main topic this time was around funding opportunities for cities and regions on how they can make the best use of current and upcoming EU funds for their Digital transformation the European way.

Participants discovered the direct link of the work of the movement to the State of the Union speech, the Recovery and Resilience Facility and the Commission foresight report. Then the Mayor of Aveiro (Portugal) Mr Ribau Esteves shared his enthusiasm of being part of the movement and the reasons why his city signed the declaration.

The session on funding opportunities started by a presentation by Ms Dorthe Nielsen from Eurocities of the letter on funding opportunities prepared by the finance group. It will be circulated to all signatory cities and regions. The city of Oulu (Finland) and Estonia as a Member State explained their experiences at different levels of government on the use of local and national plans. Participants were then invited to small groups’ discussions where they could share their own experiences and reflect on how the aims of the movement would fit with national plans benefitting from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) and the upcoming Recovery and Resilience facility (RRF). They also identified which actions they need to take at their level in the coming days and months in the context of new programs and priorities within the European Union. You can discover their feedback in the board filled in through Padlet.

Here you can find an overview of EU (digital) programs such as Digital Europe Programme, Connecting Europe Facility 2, H2020 and Horizon Europe that was presented at the meeting, as well as information about the Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission.

The movement benefits from the active participation and experience of VNG, the Association of Dutch Municipalities, who is building a real Community platform for the members of the movement. Mr Jonas Onland presented the beta version of the platform featuring an open part with an overview over all events, latest news, ideas, the latest information on the declaration’ commitments and the icon projects, but also a restricted part where cities, regions and Member States in the movement can work on solutions and commitments.

The work of the community will continue through the five subgroups linked to the different declaration commitments: financial, technical, legal, education and capacity building, monitoring and measuring.

Next plenary meeting could take place before the end of the year or at the very beginning of 2021… stay tuned!

If you are an official representative of government and public administration at local, regional, national and European level in the European Union and want to take part in this initiative:

  1. Discover the movement "Join, Boost, Sustain: the European way of digital transformation in cities and communities"
  2. Download the declaration in your own language
  3. Sign the declaration (eSign or pdf/scan) and upload it, record your signature (EU Survey form to fill in)
  4. You will be part of the group and invited to the meetings, receive information, share good practices and experiences, participate in the subgroups' work...

If you are a representative of a non-profit organization, an association, a research institute, a public administration outside the EU or a company, please sign the "Join Boost Sustain Declaration"

Thank you in advance for your support!

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