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The National Interoperability Framework Observatory updates the eGovernment factsheets

The National Interoperability Framework Observatory (NIFO) community is making available on the Joinup platform a new series of eGovernment factsheets. These factsheets focus on policies and activities covering good practices in the delivery of electronic services to the benefit of public administrations, businesses and citizens.

One of the key identified trends is the sustained evolution of eID related services (Example: eSignature services). Solutions constantly evolve toward more integrated services. Examples include integration of the national ID with European ECAS system or even with social networks such as in Latvia.

The increase of eID/eSignature solutions is coupled with the drastic evolution of efficient citizen and business oriented public eServices. This evolution encompasses paperless oriented initiatives, electronic submission processes or electronic invoicing systems. For example, “data box”, the national secured e-delivery solution implemented in Czech Republic, securely exchanges more than 300.000 messages per day with a high read rate (99%). Cyprus made live a system to electronically submit trademark applications, linked with the Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM).

Another tendency is the increasing maturity of the national registries. In this sector, we note a consolidation phase. One example is the Irish “Single Customer View” which links together data from various public service databases. Another example is the forthcoming activation of the Italian Digital Register of Population which will reduce the fragmentation of personal data currently distributed in municipal databases.

The eGovernment factsheets include, as much as possible, a comprehensive snapshot of the state-of-play of eGovernment in Europe and constitute a unique tool to identify good practices at policy and technological levels.

NIFO is a project service provided by the European Commission's ISA² programme delivering solutions for European public administrations, citizens and businesses. It assists EU countries in monitoring the take up of eGovernment and interoperability.

eGovernment factsheets per country.