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Recordings and presentations of the colloquium on Fake News and Disinformation Online

The Commission invited experts to discuss future actions to tackle the spread of fake news and disinformation online. The recordings and presentations are now available.

Since last November, the Commission has been consulting numerous stakeholders on the issue of fake news and online disinformation in order to define a strategy to tackle this phenomenon. Given the high public interest, DG Connect organised a Colloquium on Fake News and Disinformation Online to allow the interested parties to contribute further to the ongoing discussions that will feed into a Communication in spring 2018.

The Colloquium was intended to fine-tune the scope of the fake news issue in complement to the public consultation and the work of the High Level Expert Group.

Watch the recordings of the event.



Fake news and online disinformation are an increasing, global and concrete challenge for the functioning of our democracies. On 13 November 2017, the Commission has launched a public consultation on fake news to gather views on how to tackle the issue, and set up a High Level Expert Group on Fake News to advise the Commission. Citizens, social media platforms, news organisations, researchers and public authorities are invited to share their views in the public consultation until the 23 February 2017. The results of the public consultation, the data from the dedicated Eurobarometer, the key findings of the various meetings and the work of the High-Level Group will feed into initiatives against fake news online to be presented in spring 2018.

More information on the Fake News initiative of the European Commission.


Google EC Fake News Colloquium Presentation.pdf
Information disorder brief.pdf
N-Stream - Rethinking the News Industry 3.pptx
fakenews Oliver Gray SR n Ad industry.pdf

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