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Report: 2nd Annual EU ISACs Conference

The 2nd annual EU ISACs conference took place on 26 October 2021.During a three hour conference, the Empowering EU-ISACs consortium gave an update on the development of EU-Wide sectoral Infromation Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs).

Speakers: 2nd Annual EU ISACs Conference

Empowering EU ISACs Consortium

A short report together with recording of the event is available at the official website of the consortium. 

About ISACs

Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) are non-profit organizations that provide a central resource for gathering information on cyber threats (in many cases to critical infrastructure) as well as allow two-way sharing of information between the private and the public sector about root causes, incidents and threats, as well as sharing experience, knowledge and analysis. In many EU Member States, ISAC or similar initiatives exist.