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Report on the implementation of the Communication “Tackling online disinformation: a European approach”

The Commission today adopted a Report assessing the progress made in the implementation of the actions set out in the April Communication on online disinformation.

The Report presents the progress made on the actions proposed by the Commission to fight online disinformation that were included in the April Communication “Tackling online disinformation: a European Approach” (COM (2018)236 ) of 26 April 2018. Overall, the actions have been accomplished or launched during 2018. The report is annexed to the Joint Communication “Action Plan against Disinformation” that the Commission also adopted today.

Specifically, online platforms and advertising industry have agreed on a Code of Practice to increase transparency, ahead of European elections in 2019; the Commission has steeped its efforts to facilitate the creation of a network of fact-checkers to strengthen capabilities to detect and debunk false narratives; the Commission has continued its support to R&I projects, for a value of around 40 million euro, aimed at identifying and tackling disinformation; awareness across Member States on the need to protect democratic processes from cyber threats has increased; efforts at EU and national level have been stepped up in order to raise the level of media literacy and empower users, especially the younger generations, and improve critical thinking.

The report includes a description of the information that the Commission envisages to collect from the signatories of the Code of Practice in order to monitor the implementation of the Code. This monitoring will help the Commission to evaluate whether further actions, including measures of regulatory nature, are necessary.



Rapport sur la mise en œuvre de la communication Lutter contre la désinformation en ligne: une approche européenne (.pdf)
Report on the implementation of the Communication "Tackling online disinformation: a European Approach" (.pdf)
Umsetzung der Mitteilung "Bekämpfung von Desinformation im Internet: ein europäisches Konzept" (.pdf)