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Roaming – Commission proposes new regulation to ensure eu travellers continue to benefit from free roaming

Thanks to the Roaming Regulation roaming charges ended on 15 June 2017 and Europeans travelling within the EU countries can Roam Like at Home and pay domestic prices for roaming calls, SMS and data. As the current Roaming Regulation is in place until 30 June 2022, the Commission has reviewed the regime to prolong it beyond that date and enhance benefits for EU citizens. The Commission is proposing a new Roaming Regulation aimed at extending the rules for 10 years and enhancing its benefits for the citizens.

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Commission proposes new Regulation to ensure EU travellers continue to benefit from free roaming

Press release | 24 February 2021

To ensure that citizens can continue to enjoy roaming without additional charges when travelling in the EU, the Commission has proposed a new Roaming Regulation. At a time when non-essential travel is discouraged, this is an important action in preparing a brighter future. The new regulation will prolong the current rules that are due to expire in 2022, for another 10 years.