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Study: eXtended Reality: opportunities, success stories and challenges

Visual Analytics has launched a survey on extended reality looking into the opportunities and challenges the sector is facing expanding the knowledge-base on research and market dimensions in relation to the use of extended reality technologies.

As part of a study requested and financed by the Commission, the Visual Analytics leading a consortium of three European partners have launched a survey targeted towards industry representatives, academics and/or researchers in the extended reality (XR) area. The aim of this survey is to assess the European XR research situation and market potential, as well as to identify good practices and practical proposals for engaging vulnerable user groups. The survey is anonymous unless you chose to provide your personal details. Visual Analytics will provide everyone who chooses to give their email address with a statistical summary of the results.

To access the survey please use this link. The deadline is 24 January 2022.

The study runs over 12 months, until September 2022 and is looking into the opportunities in the extended reality sector in Europe identifying success stories in order to better understand how XR technologies can benefit the education and health sectors, as well as two other domains.

The market study will look into different XR applications available in Europe and highlight their societal and economic impact. The study will also identify barriers for larger deployment or take-up that the XR industry is facing. Two workshops will be organised during the study in order to validate and help elaborate the findings of the study further.