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Synergies between shared and direct management funds

The Commission services have developed a draft guidance document to provide practical details of the implementation of the different synergy mechanisms between Horizon Europe and the European Regional Development Fund. This draft guidance document contains elements relevant for the Digital Europe programme and the Connecting Europe Facility.

logo of the Digital Europe Programme

The regulatory framework for 2021-2027 governing funds under direct management and cohesion policy funds under shared management allows for strengthened synergies between these two types of EU funding. 

As the provisions of directly managed Union programmes like Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, or the Connecting Europe Facility concerning synergies with programmes under shared management are aligned, elements of the draft Commission notice may be considered as guidance for the operationalisation of synergies between such directly managed Union programmes and the shared mangement programmes.

Further, a dedicated example of how implementation of cumulative funding between Digital Europe programme and shared management funds could work for the case of Digital Innovation Hubs is outlined in Annex 2, pages 46-48. 

The full adoption of this draft guidance document: Communication to the Commission (C(2022) 4747 final) and the Annex to the Communication: the Draft Commission Notice on the synergies between ERDF programmes and Horizon Europe, is expected in autumn 2022.

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