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WiFi4EU webinars – Most popular questions

Within the WiFi4EU initiative, 5 language specific webinars took place on 19 and 20 April 2022. The aim of the webinars was to support all stakeholders in the process of implementing their WiFi4EU network, providing advice and best practices on how to complete their installation timely.

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Here below the most popular questions raised during the webinars.

Check also our FAQs available in 24 EU languages

How can we best reach the WiFi4EU team?

Please send an email to and we will get in touch with you.

Supply chain problems mean we, as a WiFi installation company, cannot guarantee the implementation deadline. Is this a valid reason for deadline extension if we engage with new municipalities?

If you believe that the municipality is facing a “force majeure” situation as defined in Article II.14 of the Grant Agreement (such as a shortage in IT equipment), please get in touch via and provide an official letter signed by the mayor clearly stating the reasons for the extension, the expected duration with a new end date. HaDEA will then assess the request and inform the municipality accordingly.

Is a central authentication system still planned during phase II of the WiFi4EU initiative?

Phase II is planned to have a single authentication system (SAS) across WiFi4EU networks offering free and secure connectivity. The pilot project for WiFi4EU SAS Phase II is ongoing, and we would expect the final results in summer 2022. Based on the results of the Pilot, SAS Phase 2 is foreseen to be launched this autumn. See also questions 9.4 and 9.8 of our FAQs.

My municipality requested an extension over a month ago and is still waiting for a reply. When can I expect to receive a reply?

Following the assessment of a large number of requests for extension, a technical intervention is needed in the WiFi4EU Portal. You will be notified of the outcome of our assessment as soon as this planned IT update has been completed.

What happens with unused vouchers? Will they be redistributed to other municipalities?

Unfortunately unused vouchers cannot be re-allocated to other municipalities. Each voucher has been assigned via a grant agreement to one specific municipality only. See also question 5.9 of our FAQs.

Will there be WiFi4EU calls in the future?

At the moment there are no future WiFi4EU calls foreseen. Please keep an eye on HaDEA’s website for the latest updates.

Can a municipality increase the access points with other hotspots at their expense?

Sure! Municipalities can use the WiFi4EU voucher to partially fund a project of higher value. Any equipment and installation costs beyond the value of the voucher would fall under the contract between the supplier and the municipality. See also question 5.3 and 5.4 of our FAQs.

When and if a municipality decides to add new hotspots, does this have to be communicated to HaDEA and/or the Commission?

Once validated by the municipality, the installation report is not editable any longer and cannot be modified. In case of changes, the municipality or the Wi-Fi installation company should notify the Executive Agency (via who would encode the changes in the WiFi4EU Portal. See also question 6.9 of our FAQs.

If a WiFi installation company closes down after completing the project, can the municipality choose a new company for support? How does HaDEA handle that?

For the implementation of the WiFi4EU project, beneficiaries must select a Wi-Fi installation company in the WiFi4EU Portal. Once the project is completed, beneficiaries are free to contract a different company for any further services such as technical support or maintenance, but no further action is required on the WiFi4EU Portal. See also question 6.10 of our FAQs.

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