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Women farmers drive digital transformation in rural areas

With 30% of EU farms being managed by women, these farmers are key in driving the digital transformation of rural areas. As explained by Lotta Folkesson, an arable farmer in northern Sweden, high-speed connectivity is needed to allow the use of cutting edge technology in both agriculture and forestry, as well for everyday management. On top of this, it enables entrepreneurship and allows remote area inhabitants to connect with the wider community. “With good infrastructure, we will have a stronger farming community as well as better conditions to attract more people to rural areas”.

Title over photo of Swedish farmer Lotta Folkesson: Women farmers drive digital transformation


This video is part of the European Broadband Competence Offices (BCO) Network’s work promoting awareness of the need for ubiquitous high-speed broadband in the EU, as well as of the EU’s support and funding for broadband deployment, and good practices in broadband projects. This includes a series of videosarticles and publicationsaccessible through the BCO Network portal.

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