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Workshop: Data Driven Energy Services. How to Engage Consumers

The EU energy system is going through increasing decentralisation and decarbonisation processes. In this context digitalisation and access to data are key enablers, as they unlock opportunities for actors across the value chain (i.e. consumers, prosumers, aggregators, mobility service providers, energy communities), providing them with new opportunities.
On 21 January, the European Commission, namely DG CNECT and DG ENER, organised this dedicated workshop jointly with the Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation, ENTSO-E and EIT-INNOENERGY.

The aim of the workshop was to explore what is happening at household level in the field of energy services. More specifically, the workshop aimed at showcasing the experiences of H2020 projects and their approach to the GDPR requirements; understanding how to engage consumers in the new energy solutions, hearing the views of the Energy Communities on the possibilities opened by the Clean Energy Package, and the role played by IT companies compared to the energy companies in providing these services.


Presentations given:

  1. InnoEnergy - Energy consumers the role of the skills (.pdf)
  2. Smart Consumers in the IoE - CERRE .(pdf)
  3. BENEFFICE Project - European Dynamics (.pdf)
  4. Smart Citizen Energy Markets- CITYFIED (.pdf)
  5. DLT for customer-centered smart charging - OLI Systems (.pdf)
  6. Smart4Healt - users engagement - UNINOVA (.pdf)
  7. FlexiDAO (.pdf)
  8. Clear 2.0 - Test-Achats (.pdf)
  9. Data and Cooperatives - REScoop (.pdf)
  10. IOTA Foundation (.pdf)
  11. Local Energy Trading for Households and SMEs - Siemens (.pdf)
  12. INTERRFACE - European Dynamics (.pdf)
  13. 13 - STEDIN NL (.pdf)

Contacts are:


This event builds on previous seminars organised by the European Commission on blockchain and energy: