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EVENT REPORT | 01 April 2021

Workshop on Manufacturing Data Spaces, summary of the results

This webinar intended to provide an overview of standards for data sharing in manufacturing and to discuss how they can be building blocks for manufacturing data spaces.

The presentations gathered different perspectives, from users, providers, standardization organizations and from SMEs.

  • Current state of thinking on Manufacturing Data Spaces in DIGITAL Yves Paindaveine, DG CNECT A.4
  • How the Asset Administration Shell can ease the implementation of Data Spaces in Manufacturing Micheal Cassidy & Martin Murphy, Irish Manufacturing Research
  • Asset Administration Shell as the technical realisation of the digital twin for Industry 4.0  Matthias Bölke, Schneider-Electric & Industrial Digital Twin Association
  • Implementation of Asset Administration Shell in one Industrial use case at MONDRAGON Michel Iñigo Ulloa Mondragon
  • Learnings from the I4.0 roadmap and the LNI4.0  Dr. Jens Gayko, Standardization Council Industrie 4.0
  • Premek: real time data sharing in the production process Marco Camuccio, Premek Hi Tech Srl
  • How do we reach SMEs with international standardisation? Barry Cox & Paul Killeen, National Standards Authority of Ireland
  • How can standards support trusted data exchange? Rainer Sträter, IONOS SE / GAIA-X
  • Exploring and mapping standards along the pathways to digitalisation of manufacturing Chris Decubber, EFFRA


In the coming months we will concentrate on how we can support the matchmaking and how we come to massive deployment. The next webinar is planned for April 14th.

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MDS-WS_2021-03-16_02_standards in MDS_Paindaveine.pdf
MDS-WS_2021-03-16_03_IMR AAS.pdf
MDS-WS_2021-03-16_07_Premek_real time data sharing in the production process.pdf
MDS-WS_2021-03-16_08_pk bc_final_NSAI.pdf
MDS-WS_2021-03-16_09_trusted data exchange_Sträter.pdf
Manufacturing Data Spaces _slido-ideas.pdf
Manufacturing Data Spaces_slido poll results.pdf


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