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200 Pledges for Europe’s Digital Skills Future, millions of beneficiaries

Every day, more and more organisations are taking action to reduce the digital skills gap in Europe. The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition has brought together 170 organisations who are taking specific actions towards increasing and equipping the digital skills of Europeans.

20 million beneficiaries, 11.2 million trainings, 4.5 million certificates, 40.000 jobs matched, 26.600 job placements, 790 new courses

European Commission

The Digital Compass has the ambition to increase significantly digital skills in the EU

The Commission has unveiled ambitious targets to power the twin green and digital transition. At least 80% of the population needs to have basic digital skills, 20 more million ICT specialists and gender convergence of digital experts is required by 2030.  

Across the Union, organisations including SMEs, training providers, universities and corporates have joined the Coalition and made a pledge to add their contribution towards tackling the current digital skills gap and driving the digital skills futures of millions of Europeans. Pledges take all shapes and sizes and have included training, certification, awareness programmes, mentoring and placements reaching millions of people in Europe.

More than 20 million beneficiaries

In the five years since the first pledge was made, the initiative has been a significant success providing the central magnet for those organisations who recognise the challenge we all face within the twin digital and green transition. This is evidenced by more than 20 million beneficiaries already reached by pledges which includes over:

•    11 million training places provided.
•    4,5 million certificates issued to validate digital skills. 
•    26,000 digital skills placements enabled.
•    39,000 job vacancies matched. 

Check out the pledges and the 170 organisations who have made the initiative a reality here: 

The Pledge Viewer is also host to the Digital Volunteers Pilot Programme, where large European organisations are supporting SMEs with mentoring and resources for digitalisation. 30 pledges have already been accepted, which are displayed on the Pledge Viewer

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is a unique community supported by the European Commission that:

•    Enables stakeholders to propose actions, programmes, initiatives to improve the digital skills situation in Europe;
•    Offers a platform of exchange to learn from peers and to showcase actions, initiatives developed and their impact;
•    Helps to join forces to pave the way for a strong and inclusive digital Europe.

Any such organisation, be it an SME or corporate, an education provider, a social partner, or non-governmental organisation is encouraged to become a member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition: join here

Since 2016, members of Coalition have made pledges to tackle the digital skills gap and taken action to provide skills training, job placements, certifications and other activities addressing four target groups: citizens, the labour force, ICT Specialists and digital skills in education. 

There are already 25 established National Coalitions working together to address the digital skills challenges at a Member State level. Find yours on the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform.