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NEWS ARTICLE | 12 January 2018

34 new Digital Innovation Hubs selected to participate in a training programme

The programme targets in particular new EU Member States, with the ultimate goal of boosting the creation of new Digital Innovation Hubs in Central and Eastern Europe.

Selected hubs for the training programme at the kick-off meeting in Sofia
Smart Factories project

As part of the project “Smart Factories in new EU Member States”, 34 potential new Digital Innovation Hubs have been selected to participate in a training programme run by PwC and Oxford University Innovation (Oxentia).   

After an open call to interested participants, a total of 34 potential new hubs from all the EU13 Member States (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia) have been selected. In addition, possible collaborations between these 34 hubs and 31 other applicants which had similarities in terms of geography or topic will be heavily stimulated. In total, 137 applications were submitted. 

The programme started with a first workshop in Sofia on 19-20 February 2018. The individual training will include other workshops and mentoring to develop a business plan, identify the specific needs of industry in their regions, conduct feasibility studies, establish potential funding schemes and organise regional workshops.

You can check the full list of all selected hubs.

For more details visit the Smart Factories website.


The European Commission aims at having at least one Digital Innovation Hub in every region in Europe by 2020, so that digital innovations are accessible at working distance to any company. In order to reach this target, several EU initiatives are supporting the development of a strong network of Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe.