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5G Observatory reports important progress on 5G roadmaps

Latest developments reported by the European 5G Observatory show important progress made by Member States to facilitate 5G launch in Europe by 2020.

Following the recent 5G auctions in Finland and Italy, the German regulator BNetzA has recently published draft rules for the auction planned for beginning of 2019 in Germany. Days before, the French regulator ARCEP published a consultation document concerning the 5G spectrum auction planned for mid-2019 in France. In addition Spain and Belgium communicated their plans for their 5G spectrum plans.

These efforts are part of a common 5G roadmap that Member States agreed in Tallinn end of last year. It is the Member States' response to the Commission's 5G Action Plan, which sets Europe's strategy as regards 5G deployment. Already 13 Member States have launched national 5G strategies as part of their national broadband plans (NBP), which are available here.

These national 5G strategies are not developed by Member States in isolation. In the spirit of close cooperation, the Commission and Member States have been exchanging best practices and discussed common elements that could serve as basis for these national frameworks. The report summarising the work done covers key issues that range from deployment targets, spectrum and small cells to public financing programmes and 5G innovation support. The European 5G Observatory will continue to report on the progress made in this regard as well as major market developments.

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