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Commission seeks feedback to improve public sector website and mobile apps accessibility

On 19 July, the Commission launched a public consultation on the review of the Web Accessibility Directive.

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Since 23 June 2021, all public sector websites and mobile apps in the EU have the legal obligation to be accessible to people with disabilities. The last step is now to review the application of the Directive in practice. For this purpose, today's consultation will gather feedback from citizens, especially those with disabilities, but also from businesses, online platforms, academics, public administrations and all other interested parties.

The online consultation will be itself accessible to screen readers, translated in all EU official languages, and available in a shorter easy-to-read version for people with cognitive disabilities. It will remain open until 25 October 2021. The results of the consultation will feed into the review and will help improve the impact of the directive on making public sector websites and mobile apps accessible. The findings of the review will be published in an accessible format in June 2022.