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The Common Culture Project gives a boost to the quality of content in Europeana

The Europeana Common Culture project analysed the state of the art of European National Aggregators working to increase the number, quality and easy searches for digitised cultural heritage objects and art.

Painting of a winter landscape by Vilhelms Purvitis provided by Latvijas Nacionalais makslas muzejs. Painting of a winter landscape on a sunny day by Vilhelms Purvītis. "The playful sparkle of reflections the sun and clouds on a cold, sunny winter’s day, the plastic curvature of the “S” shaped dark waters and the silhouette of the huge trees in the foreground supplemented by the fragile lacework of branches."
CC BY-NC-ND - Winter by Vilhelms Purvitis provided by Latvijas Nacionalais makslas muzejs

Creation of new national aggregators

The Common Culture Project helped five more countries to create new national aggregators (Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Croatia and Serbia), increasing the number of countries with a national or regional aggregator to 24 countries. Together with domain or thematic aggregators, these national aggregators form an ecosystem of 37 aggregators that ensures continuity and sustainability of the data. Furthermore, the project has overseen the contribution or quality enhancement of over 9 million records, as well as contributed many of the photo blogs and picture galleries provided by Europeana on the history of European Cultural Heritage. 

It is important to have a digital copy of important cultural heritage objects and artwork, so it will not be lost in case of natural disasters or fires and so it can be restored or reconstructed if the worst was to happen. More and more digitised cultural heritage artefacts are added to the Europeana portal. The national aggregators help culture institutions, libraries, collections, archives and museums to gather material and to digitise their content. The quality of the content and the data, which help access the objects is constantly improved too making searches easier.

Europeana Publishing Framework

European has created a publishing framework of standards to use, with different levels, Tier 1-4 depending on what the object can be used for and how easy it is to search for it. A major achievement of the Common Culture Project is the increased level of quality of nearly 7 million objects to tier 2+ and 3+ from 21 different member states.

What is Europeana?

Europeana provides online access to different artefacts from all over Europe, many which are open for re-use. The portal also provide entertainment and ideas for teachers to use in their online education, potential tourist destinations (Discovering Europe), and much, much more.  Europeana Pro provides cultural heritage professionals with tools and services, such as Historiana that offers free historical content, ready to use learning activities, and innovative digital tools made by history educators across Europe.