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Cybersecurity for Public Administrations

COMPACT is an EU-funded project, that aims to strengthen the cyber-resilience of local public administrations (LPAs). To achieve this goal, the project will offer risk assessment tools, education services, monitoring services and knowledge sharing services.
The COMPACT solution will be made available on an integrated platform, which will offer a high degree of usability and automation.

logo of the project showing a graphical illustration featuring an owl and text cybersecurity for public administrations
Compact project

Significant exploitable results of the COMPACT consortium are:

  • A user-friendly / modular/ configurable platform of tools for local government (for risk assessment, detection of threats, personnel training based on games). All the municipalities participating in the project (from Italy, Portugal, Spain) formally stated that set-up actions and plans towards the operational adoptions of tools they validated during the course of the project. Further,  the companies that developed the tools presented concrete plans concerning the development of commercial products on the basis of the project results.
  • The  creation of start-up from one of the scientific institutes participating in the project aiming in the exploitation of the security operations centre prototyped by the project for hospital applications (contacts with one Italian hospital were well advanced at the time of completion of the project).