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Dealflow – delivering “go to market” support to EU-funded innovators

A new support action – Dealflow – focused on helping innovators get their EU-funded innovations ‘out of the lab’ and into the market has been launched. Its targeted services are on offer and prioritised for innovators who have already been analysed by the Commission’s Innovation Radar.

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EU funded research and innovation projects are delivering thousands of breakthroughs in every field and sector. Behind these breakthroughs are great innovators coming from every corner of Europe, working in institutions of all types: from university to startups to research centres to large enterprises.

To understand better the innovations and their potential to impact ‘beyond the lab’, The Commission is collecting deep sets of intelligence from these projects about their innovations. This intelligence system - the Innovation Radar – is helping the Commission to deliver on its commitment to help the innovators get their EU-funded innovations ‘out of the lab’ and into the market.

In support of this, the EU has launched a new initiative – – that will work with the Innovation Radar to ensure the best innovators get help and guidance to bring their EU-funded innovations to market

Dealflow – funded by Horizon 2020 – will be active over the next two years. The consortium - led by Heads Capital and including Deloitte Digital and the investor data platform Dealroom - is ready to help existing SMEs, startups, spinoffs who have developed an EU-funded innovation. To this end, they offer various tailored services:

  • Venture building: tailored support for building new ventures based on EU-funded innovations and provision of support in key business topics (e.g. sales strategy, market sizing & research, organizational structure, and pitching)
  • Fundraising: preparation of investor materials and access to an investor network
  • Networking: introduction to industry experts, potential clients and new partners

Innovators already analysed by Innovation Radar will be prioritised for Dealflow support. To learn more of Dealflow and its support offerings visit the website. EU-funded innovators interested in the support Dealflow is offering can fill in this form to get things moving.


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