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Deploying 5G connectivity in the North Sea: Bay of Germany

In order to bring significant improvement to the digitalisation of the cargo and cruising industry in the North of Europe, the German regional Broadband Competence Office (BCO) of Lower Saxony launched a mobile connectivity project deploying 5G infrastructure in the Bay of Germany in the North Sea. As Peer Beyersdorff explains in this video, conditions at sea and the Earth’s curvature make mobile telecommunication challenging. The project serves one of the busiest sea routes in the world, enabling safer passage, more reliable communication and important services for both trade and tourism.

Title over photograph of cargo ship at sea: Deploying 5G in the North Sea Bay of Germany

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Find out more about this project on BCO Lower Saxony’s website.

This video is part of the European Broadband Competence Offices (BCO) Network’s work promoting awareness of the need for ubiquitous high-speed broadband in the EU, as well as of the EU’s support and funding for broadband deployment, and good practices in broadband projects. This includes a series of videos, articles and publications accessible through the BCO Network portal

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