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Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Governing Board celebrates 3 years of success with a stronger Coalition

Throughout the mandate of the current Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition (DSJC) Governing Board, the Coalition has achieved growth, consolidation and digital skills for millions of Europeans.

Over the past three years the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition has managed to:

  • Grow its membership by 71%, including 66% more SMEs.
  • Reach 16 million beneficiaries through digital skills pledges, including more than 8 million trained and 4.4 million digital skills certificates issued.
  • Launch 7 new National Coalitions, bringing the total number to 25.
  • Successfully highlight incredible digital skills initiatives through 3 editions of the European Digital Skills Awards, with a total of 765 nominations and 56 finalists.

 Behind these successes are the 12 Governing Board Members, digital skills leaders who have dedicated significant time and effort over the years to supporting the growth of the Coalition, acting as ambassadors, and providing their expertise and insights across the four target groups of the Coalition.

The Board has benefitted greatly under the leadership of Anja Monrad, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Dell Technologies CEE, who will continue in her role as Chair, with the support of the Commission, as she creates the next iteration of the Board which will continue to build on the invaluable contributions already made by the individuals above.

The Governing Board represents a high-level group of individuals who hold senior positions across Europe with experience and knowledge of the varied aspects of the digital skills landscape, especially in the area of future digital skills and advanced digital skills demand and supply. Members contribute their knowledge, experience, and opinions to support the activities of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and act as ambassadors and representatives for the Coalition, to promote and reinforce the achievements and principal activities resulting in a greater presence for the Coalition among thought-leaders and a noticeable impact on pledges and membership achieved.

Candidates interested in being considered for a position on the new board can register their interest by email to the DSJC Secretariat, with subject ‘DSJC Governing Board nomination’. The content of the email should demonstrate the contribution and relevance of a candidate’s experience and knowledge towards the goals of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. Update 6 April 2021: Deadline for receipt of registrations of interest is extended until the 14th April 2021, 17:00 CET

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is a unique community supported by the European Commission that:

  • Enables stakeholders to propose actions, programmes, initiatives to improve the digital skills situation in Europe;
  • Offers a platform of exchange to learn from peers and to showcase actions, initiatives developed and their impact;
  • Helps to join forces to pave the way for a strong and inclusive digital Europe.

Any such organisation, be it an SME or corporate, an education provider, a social partner, or a non-governmental organisation is encouraged to become a member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition: join here

Since 2016, members of the Coalition have made pledges to tackle the digital skills gap and take action to provide skills training, job placements, certifications and other activities addressing four target groups: citizens, the labour force, ICT Specialists and digital skills in education. Over 130 organisations from 22 countries have made 160 pledges to date, offering millions of trainings and awareness activities to raise the level of digital skills amongst Europeans. 

25 EU countries have already set up National Coalitions, with further in preparation, to address digital skills challenges at the local level.