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Digital4Her - the 10 finalists for the pitching session announced

Following the call for tech-startups that are led by women, 10 finalists have been invited to pitch during the session "Startups worth growing" as part of the Digital4Her event organised in Brussels on June 19th.

Innuos - Future-Fi Audio

pitched by Amelia Santos, Co-founder Innuos (Portugal)

Innuos develops High-Fidelity Digital Music Players that are transforming the way we listen to music. Every nuance and detail is revealed, allowing you to experience your music like never before. Enjoy your own library of CDs and high resolutions files, and access all the content in the world through streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz and internet radio – all at your fingertips through an exceedingly simple user interface on your mobile device.

Innuos website 

Hopspots - Interactive learning tool

pitched by Aviaja Borup Lynggaard, CEO CxD Aps - Child Experience Design (Denmark)

Hopspots is an interactive learning tool developed for school and institutions. Using 12 wireless physical spots that are connected to an app for iPad and a speaker system you can play a range of educational games. The games challenge on different levels be that everything from movement and cognitive training to programming, language learning, cooperation, concentration, decision-making etc. Hopspots engages pupils actively in their teaching and allows them to become digital co-creators of their own educational material when recording their own games in the app. In that way the games can be customized to suit the individual needs of pupils.

Hopspots website

Sonicjobs - Virtual Recruiter for Hospitality and Retail

pitched by Francesca Boccolini, Co-founder Sonicjobs App Ltd (United Kingdom)

Sonicjobs is the first Virtual Recruiter for blue-collar recruitment. Our chatbot Julie uses occupational psychology and artificial intelligence to understand what a hiring manager is looking for and then screens and selects the right candidates for them, in real time. In just two years, we are now the second largest mobile solution in hospitality in London with over 2,000 restaurants, bars, and cafes recruiting through our solution and over 70,000 candidates active on the platform.

Sonicjobs website

CHAOS architects: AI platform - Disrupting the way we plan our cities

pitched by Natalia Rincon, Co-founder CHAOS architects (Finland)

CHAOS architects is a cloud-based AI platform that through data analysis and crowd insights creates favorable conditions for businesses and citizen initiatives. Our platform contains engagement-driven applications and third-party APIs that process AI algorithms for better interaction, forecasting and decision making. CHAOS AI platform allows you to share your ideas about your city and co-create together with your community by the use of a free app.

CHAOS architects website

Labyrinth Psychotica - Do-It-Yourself Psychosis Simulation

pitched by Jennifer Kanary, Founder Labyrinth Psychotica (The Netherlands)

We provide psychosis simulation workshops to help various stakeholders, such as staff in mental health organizations, police officers, friends or family, to better understand the subjective experiences of psychosis. Our workshops help to reduce stressful incidents at work, or at home and to strengthen empathy skills. By gaining more insight into the subjective experiences of psychosis, the level of emotional escalations (often born from misunderstanding) can diminish, and bridges of trust can be built. In 12-15 minutes you descend into the mind of a girl named Jamie...You see what she sees, hear what she hears. You gain control over her mind...only to become her... The digital hybrid-reality experience simulates 33 different elements of the subjective experiences of psychosis - learning by feeling.

Labyrinth Psychotica website

LucidWeb Pro - Democratising VR/AR discovery

pitched by Leen Segers, Co-founder LucidWeb (Belgium)

LucidWeb is making it easy for everyone to get into XR (=VR/AR). We provide WebXR players that are fully web-based and responsive across desktop, mobile as well as VR headsets, targeting brands, enterprises and VR production agencies. In this way, the responsive XR player dramatically shortens and simplifies the viewer's discovery journey to immersive storytelling, made available via 1 URL. On top of that, the technology invites the viewer to watch the content in any VR headset of their choice. We are confident to state that the LucidWeb Pro player it the most accessible VR player for (non-) interactive 360° available today. We are working with companies such as ARTE (FR), RTE (IE), VRT (BE) and VR agencies such as PicsEyes (FR) and Soulmade (BE).

LucidWeb Pro website

Swascan - Identify, Analyse and Solve Vulnerabilities of Websites and Web Applications

pitched by Sara Colnago, Co-founder Swascan (Italy)

Swascan is the first CyberSecurity & GDPR Compliance platform in Cloud, SaaS & Pay for Use that has four innovative vulnerability testing services. Our Vulnerability Assessment service allows companies to identify, analyse and solve all the vulnerabilities and criticalities related to websites and web application. The Vulnerability analysis is necessary to quantify risk levels and to provide the corrective actions to implement for the remediation. Our innovative solution identifies more than 200 vulnerabilities of web applications including SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting and a lot more.

Swascan website

Switch Up 

pitched by Cecile Renault, Business developer Gadface (France)

Switch Up helps companies with their onboarding process of employees by facilitating their relocation to France or within France. Switch Up is a digital platform that allows people moving to another location to choose a local consultant ("Welcomer") to help them with their move. Our Welcomers are selected and trained to welcome employees. Our digital tool is mostly aimed at HR managers managing recruitment as well as relocating and onboarding processes for employees and newbies. Employees can choose services according to their needs directly on the platform among the following topics: housing, settling services, schooling and integration. Through our tool, companies can boost their employer brand as well as save time with an efficient tool.

Switch Up website

Zuper - AI-Driven Financial Coaching

pitched by Leitha Matz, COO Zuper (Germany)

Everyone knows that managing your finances is critical for your quality of life, but let's be honest: keeping track of your money can be awkward, time-consuming, inconvenient and just plain boring. It's time for a new way to address financial fitness. Zuper ( is the answer. Now available in Germany and Austria, Zuper is an easy-to-use app that aggregates all of your accounts in one place and uses smart defaults, notifications and gamification and AI to help you control your finances and begin building wealth. Zuper: It's financial fitness for everyone.

Zuper website - Medical Records Interoperability

pitched by Joann O'Brien, CEO (Ireland) facilitates a connected health care system that allows free flow of data in a secure way across all participating providers. The platform will work with existing systems. Practitioners will have access to the required patient information at the right time, reducing inefficiencies and decision making risks. Patients are empowered to manage their own health records. delivers transparency, trace-ability and trust across participating health care providers. website

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