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DOORS – a digital incubator for museums

DOORS has just launched its open call for proposals for the two-stage incubation programme in support for small- and medium-sized museums.

The picture shows a stained glass window shaped as a rounded door in yellow, green and pink with brown and blue boarders in Sint_Amanduskerk in Oudenaarde Leupegem. Photo by Paul M.R. Maeyart 2011.

Image 27567 by Paul M.R. Maeyaert - 2011 - PMRMaeyaert, Belgium - CC BY-SA from Europeana

DOORS is the new coordination and support action designed to help museums to integrate technology into their work in the wake of the devastating impact of the lockdown and increased demand for online content as well as enriched onsite experiences.

The project has just launched its open call for small and medium-size museums across Europe. The deadline is 13 February 2022. To learn more and submit an application for the two-stage incubation programme please visit the DOORS Open Call page.

DOORS will help participating museums develop digital pilots in one of the following areas:

  • Innovating audience analysis and engagement
  • New content distribution and revenue models
  • Strategies for integrating infrastructures
  • Experimental ICT programmes

The project started on 1 October 2021 and will offer its support to museums during a 24-months period. It is led by ARS Electronica of Austria working together with Museum Booster of Belgium and ecsite, also from Austria. The EU funding is 1 million euro of which the 60 % will reach the participating museums.