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Draft Document on DIHs in the Digital Europe Programme – Call for Feedback

The European Commission has published a draft document to prepare the implementation of European Digital Innovation Hubs in the Digital Europe Programme and is seeking feedback.

Download the Draft Working Document

After a series of meetings with Member State representatives and before the final approval of the Digital Europe programme by the European Parliament and the Council, the Commission is looking for further feedback from the various stakeholders during the 3rd Stakeholder Forum on Digitising European Industry “Artificial Intelligence and Digital Innovation Hubs – beyond 2020”.

The session will be web streamed.

In a participatory session scheduled for the 15th of November at 11:45, all interested parties will be able to comment through a Slido questionnaire.

How to provide feedback

You should select as a Slido "room" “Feedback on EDIH session in Auditorium”. Please fill in the “Polls” section first. If you have open questions, please submit them under the “Q&A” tab on the top of the page.

The particular issues on which the feedback will be sought are the following:

  • Foreseen cost items for the capacity of an EDIH (hardware, software, employees, travel costs)
  • Focus/expertise of an EDIH
  • 2-step selection process
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Performance monitoring

More on the Digital Europe Programme

In June 2018 the European Commission has presented a proposal for the Digital Europe Programme. The programme focuses on building strategic digital capacities of the EU and on facilitating the wide deployment of digital technologies, to be used by Europe's citizens and businesses.

Starting in January 2021, the program is expected to dedicate an overall budget of €9.2 billion in shaping and supporting the digital transformation of Europe’s society and economy. Out of this budget, roughly 10% is foreseen to be dedicated to ensuring the wide use of digital technologies across the economy and society. Within this frame, an ambitious goal for a strong network of Digital Innovation Hubs is set to provide companies and public sector organisations from all European regions with support, expertise and training so they can benefit from digital opportunities.