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EU opens new office in San Francisco to reinforce its digital diplomacy

The European Union has opened its new office in San Francisco, California, a global centre for digital technology and innovation. The office will reinforce the EU's cooperation with the United States on digital diplomacy and strengthen the EU's capacity to reach out to key public and private stakeholders, including policy makers, the business community, and civil society in the digital technology sector.

flags of the European Union and the United States of America

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High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell, said: 

The opening of the office in San Francisco responds to the EU's commitment to strengthen transatlantic technological cooperation and to drive the global digital transformation based on democratic values and standards. It is a concrete step to further reinforce the EU's work on issues such as cyber and countering hybrid threats, and foreign information manipulation and interference.

The EU office in San Francisco will seek to promote EU standards and technologies, digital policies and regulations and governance models, and to strengthen cooperation with US stakeholders, including by advancing the work of the EU-US Trade and Technology Council. Find more information in the EEAS press release.