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EU provides €1 million in funding to the Office of the Envoy on Technology of the UN's Secretary-General

The EU will provide €1 million to support the work of the Envoy on Technology of the UN's Secretary-General over the next two years. This contributes to the financing of the Office's work as well as the Envoy's outreach activities.

City backdrop with blue strands jumping from each building representing connectivity

This will be done under a cooperation agreement signed between the Commission and the Office of the Envoy on Technology.

This agreement reflects the commitment by the EU and its Member States to support the UN Envoy on Technology in implementing the digital aspects of the UN Secretary-General's ‘Our Common Agenda', notably the development of a Global Digital Compact and the promotion of the multi-stakeholder model of internet governance. EU Member States will also offer their support to the Office of the Envoy on Technology in a Team Europe spirit.

High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell said:

Every day, we see a battle of narratives and values. This battle is waged using and misusing all the advances of technologies and digital space. Digital issues are not just technical matters, they affect every single aspect of our lives. So it is crucial that we build a set of shared principles for an open, free and secure digital future for all: a Global Digital Compact. This is the task of the UN Tech Envoy, and the EU will be supporting very closely this work as part of our digital diplomacy.”

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