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European Assistance For Innovation Procurement

The European Assistance For Innovation Procurement (eafip) is an initiative financed by the European Commission for providing local assistance to public procurers for starting new innovation procurement and for promoting good practices and reinforcing the evidence base on completed innovation procurements.

The aim of the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement initiative (eafip) is to promote good practices and reinforce the evidence base on completed innovation procurements across Europe and to encourage other public procurers to start new PCP and PPI procurements. Eafip is implemented by a consortium of experts led by Covers Procurement Services that was awarded the eafip public procurement contract for 2019-2020 by DG CNECT.  

Planned activities for eafip for 2019-2020 are:

  • Providing free of charge technical and legal assistance to public procurers across all EU Member States in the preparation and implementation of innovation procurements of ICT based solutions. This includes local assistance for PCPs and PPIs supported by local lawyers that speak the local official EU language. 
  • Promoting good practices and reinforcing the evidence base, in particular on the impacts achieved by completed innovation procurements around Europe. In this context, the eafip website and the innovation procurement toolkit will be updated with new evidence and good practices. 

This will build further on the following activities that were completed by eafip in 2015-2018:

  • Events in different EU countries focusing on information and training on PCP & PPI.
  • Six videos in which public procurers from different sectors talk openly about the procurement approach, lessons learnt and benefits of their completed PCP and PPI procurements.
  • Innovation procurement toolkit with 3 modules for policy makers, public procurers and legal staff on why and how to implement PCP and PPI, illustrated by examples. An online helpdesk with FAQs.
  • Local assistance was provided to 12 PCP and PPI procurements for ICT based solutions

Eafip has also identified a list of key procurers across different sectors of public interest across all the EU Member States and conducted a survey about the interest of public procurers in different sectors in starting innovation procurements over the coming years.

Interested to benefit from this European assistance on innovation procurement? Get in touch with the eafip team and/or Let us know. Twitter: