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European Commission presented plan to digitise European industry and public services at Hannover Messe 2016

The European Commission’s plan for Europe's digital industrial renaissance was presented on 25 April at Hannover Messe. The plan will help European industry, SMEs, researchers and public authorities make the best use of digital technologies.

graphic with the Hannover Messe logo and  3 tablets with texts "EU Cloud" "Digital public services" and "Standards"

European Commission and Hannover Messe

graphic with the Hannover Messe logo and 3 tablets with texts "EU Cloud" "Digital public services" and "Standards"

During the high-level conference, “Digitising European Industry: Reaping the full benefits of the Digital Single Market”, Commissioner Oettinger  presented to politicians, stakeholders and interested parties the Digitising European Industry package adopted on 19th April by the European Commission.

The package aims to reinforce the EU's competitiveness in digital technologies and to ensure that every industry in Europe, in whichever sector, wherever situated, and no matter of what size can fully benefit from digital innovations. For more info on the Digitizing European Industry package, please read our press material.

The first part of the conference focused on partnerships, innovation hubs and standardisation to boost Europe's digital innovation capacities.

Commissioners Oettinger, Bieńkowska and Moedas talked about the challenges of digital transformation of industry in Europe and how this EU initiative can help speed up this process. They were followed by a panel discussion on the political and industrial perspectives of the European strategy for the digitisation of industry, involving ministers and industrial leaders.

The second part focused on transatlantic collaboration and was opened by Commissioner Oettinger and Penny Pritzker, US Secretary of Commerce, presenting the EU and US views on the digital transformation of industry. A panel discussion followed, presenting the industry visions, on both sides of the Atlantic.

More details in the provisional programme of the high-level conference "Digitising European Industry",  including names of participants.

More EC activities at Hannover Messe 2016

In the EU Pavilion in Hall 7, stand E04, under the slogan "EU invests in digitising Europe", we put under the spotlight SMEs and SME measures at EU level. Come and see their amazing results. Or check their presentations in our online catalogue.

Small company doesn’t necessarily mean small results. With the right tools and support actions, their impact can be huge. The best example to support this will be right on our stand:

  • The Swedish SME KOENIGSEGG, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance sports cars, developed the world’s first megacar named One:1 (1 horse power per kilo weight) with a ground-breaking maximum speed of 440km/h. Using specialised knowledge in fluid dynamics of the SME ICON and Cloud-based-HPC system of CINECA, Koenigsegg designed a car in less than eight months. Read the blogpost to find out how. Come to the EU Pavilion and admire this miracle of technology!
  • And talking about mind-blowing technology: visit ELAPHE stand, to see a demo of the SMART in-wheel direct drive propulsion system (pun intended - it is a smart electric drivetrain and it comes from a SMART car). The demonstration of an actual Smart ForTwo rear-wheel electric drivetrain will simulate racing the SMART car up one of the most winding uphill roads in the Alpine region. Read the blogpost Turning things around – in preparation for the driverless era, to have a better idea about what “in-wheel motors” is all about.
  • Interested in approximately 400 hours of free consulting with robotics experts from all over Europe? Visit ROBOTT-NET , to find out how you could become one the 64 European companies to benefit of a voucher. Have a look at ROBOTT-NET video to understand how this works.

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