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PROJECTS STORY | 15 December 2015

FACE entrepreneurship - fighting against fear of failure

FACE Entrepreneurship is a campaign for encouraging ICT entrepreneurship amongst young Europeans by addressing a key aspect of entrepreneurship which is often overlooked: the ability to confront the possibility of failure.

FACE Entrepreneurship  promotes ICT entrepreneurship among young Europeans by fighting against fear of failure and promoting a risk taking culture.

The aspiring entrepreneurs are guided and challenged  throughout the path of entrepreneurship by means of audiovisual content featuring well-known ICT entrepreneurs who share their story when starting up (e.g. success, failure, fears). Their testimonials are available upon registration on the FACE Entrepreneurship platform where users (FACErs) will access all types of audiovisual content consisting of web series, interviews, events, expert advice and much more. Last but definitely not least, FACErs will have the opportunity to win a trip to Dublin, Prague, Munich, Helsinki or Copenhagen to attend one of the FACE Entrepreneurship 2016 events where they will meet the speakers.

Direct links from FACE platform to:

  • videos on the web series, (‘RestartUp’, a fun show that relates all the difficulties and fears that young European entrepreneurs have to FACE in order to turn their ideas into real businesses) and advices coming from experts
  • the resources available in Knowledge Box
  • info on interesting ICT events that take place in Europe via the calendar.
  • the Delphi study on the factors causing the fear of failure attitude towards entrepreneurship

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