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Green transition, digital and local: dialogue between Commissioner Breton and EU mayors

Commissioner Breton has met for the first time a group of mayors and regional leaders who are the drivers of the twin digital and green transition at a local level.

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Cities and communities play a key role in the European quest for more autonomy and industrial leadership, and are central to the EU’s digital transformation. Commissioner Breton said

Cities are the engine of the twin digital and transition. They are working together to put the European way of digitalisation into practice, deliver Local Green Deals and equip local industry and businesses with the right skills. I am eager to hear the views of local leaders and to see how we can work together to scale up this activity across the EU.

The Mayors and regional leaders, who are part of the Intelligent Cities Challenge and/or the Living-in.EU movement, shared their views with Commissioner Breton and presented good practices from their communities. They will look at how to accelerate the deployment of digital and green solutions, by scaling up these two movements, through the Mission for 100 Climate Neutral Smart Cities, and through increased collaboration between cities and regions across the EU.

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