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Horizon Europe funding for PCP and PPI

Interested in EU funding for your next innovation procurement? Get ready to prepare proposals for the 2021-2022 calls of the Horizon Europe programme. There are 266M EURO of funding opportunities for pre-commercial procurements (PCPs) and public procurements of innovative solutions (PPIs) in different fields: health, security, energy, climate change, ICT, AI, satellite and research infrastructures etc. This includes also an open PCP call that supports public buyers in any field of public sector activity to get new green digital solutions developed, tested and possibly deployed. Check out the video recording and slide decks of the webinar on how to prepare a successful innovation procurement proposal, as well as the updated list of already funded innovation procurement projects.

Horizon Europe offers the following funding opportunities for consortia of procurers:

  • To prepare and undertake together PCP or PPI procurements (see the calls for PCP actions or PPI actions).
  • To cooperate on identifying opportunities and preparing for future PCPs / PPIs (see the calls for CSA actions)

The funding rates are 100% respectively 50% for the PCP respectively PPI actions. In PCP actions, groups of procurers implement together one joint PCP procurement. In PPI actions, procurers can choose between implementing one joint PPI procurement or several separate but coordinated PPI procurements.


There are thematic calls that support PCP or PPI in specific domains of public sector activity (e.g. health, security, energy, climate change, satellite, research infrastructure). In addition, there is also an open PCP call that is open to challenges that require green, digital solutions in any domain of public sector activity.

The following slidedecks guide you through the core info about the calls for proposals:

Information session

On 22 June 2021 (14h00-16h00) the European Commission organised a webinar 'How to prepare a successful innovation procurement proposal for Horizon Europe'that presented the above slide decks. Presentations, video recording, Q&A and agenda are available on the webinar page.

On 30 November 2021 (9h00-10h45) the European Commission held an Horizon Europe info day and presented the open PCP call (Presentation and video recording).

In a number of areas there are also thematic information sessions for calls in specific domains (e.g. health, security etc.).

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