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How eArchiving is supporting the EU’s ‘Laptops for Ukraine Initiative’

The eArchiving Initiative is providing digital support to Ukraine to protect and preserve its cultural heritage and record war crimes amid the ongoing conflict.

How eArchiving is supporting the EU’s ‘Laptops for Ukraine Initiative’

Created from no attribution needed images, from Pixabay and Freestocktextures and Commons Wikimedia, by an E-ARK Consortium member.

Over two years after Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the need for eArchiving and other digital support is greater than ever. Ukrainians need functioning digital archives, not just to protect their cultural heritage, but also to record war crimes.

The eArchiving Initiative and its members have been providing assistance in various ways since 2022. E-ARK Consortium member Andreas Segerberg, was part of a task force comprising archivists and related professionals, who got together to save Ukrainian Digital Cultural Heritage material, as libraries, archives, and museums were being destroyed in the war. This vital work continues.

The eArchiving Initiative member Professor Franco Niccolucci, Director of VAST-LAB, led the Save Ukrainian Monuments initiative through the European Competence Centre for Cultural Heritage (4CH). This initiative helps to digitise and preserve Ukrainian cultural heritage for future generations.

The European Commission’s Directorate General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology (DG CNECT) is supporting Ukraine and Ukrainians through various actions, including working with the digital and cultural sectors in Ukraine, helping Ukrainians stay connected, and tackling disinformation. One of these is the ‘Laptops for Ukraine’ initiative, of which the eArchiving Initiative is a long-term supporter. Laptops for Ukraine helps provide the computer equipment needed to archive material, and eArchiving is here to help with rebuilding digital archives. To facilitate this, all the eArchiving training webinars now have Ukrainian subtitles, as well as several other languages.

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