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PROJECTS STORY | 14 December 2015

The iLINC Network of Legal Incubators: Growth and Development Opportunities in 2016

In the last two years the iLINC network has grown to include 18 active network partners to the benefit of startups and entrepreneurs who received free legal assistance.

During the first two years of its operation, iLINC has:

  • Provided bespoke legal support to over 500 ICT start-ups and entrepreneurs on a one-to-one basis (238 face-to-face and 286 using web-based queries).
  • Organised 38 legal events for ICT start-ups and entrepreneurs, each with 27 participants on average.
  • Involved 139 students in both of the above, aall of whom have been involved in the provision of bespoke advice.

The iLINC Network has grown to include 18 Active Network Partners and there is a clear need for specialised legal support for start-ups and entrepreneurs in the sector. Demand and iLINC’s presence is likely to grow substantially in 2016.

iLINC in 2016 will look to grow the Network membership and relationships with strategic partners. In doing so, the Network will leverage its best practice and resources to assist other institutions to establish, develop and sustain legal clinics. This growth will also enable a high proportion of start-ups and entrepreneurs across to Europe to receive free legal assistance. If you or your organisation is interested in working with iLINC or establishing a legal clinic, please contact us via the iLINC website.

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