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International Women’s Day 2021: Creative Europe MEDIA strengthens its commitment for a gender-balanced and more diverse creative sector

One year ago, also on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the EC account @Creative.EU on Instagram launched the awareness campaign #WomenInTheSpotlight to give visibility to talented women working in the cultural and creative sectors. One year later, we strengthen our commitment by adding new and bigger initiatives aiming at putting all talents at the core of our actions.

Gender, diversity and inclusion are fundamental values of the European Union at the top of the Commission’s policy agenda. In a bid to join this common goal, the campaign #WomenInTheSpotlight features weekly the profile of female creative talents to boost awareness and recognition about their careers and achievements. Since its launch, the campaign has showcased the talent of more than 40 inspiring women and is committed to continue supporting their professional activities while enhancing their visibility and recognition.

Additionally, in 2021, in the framework of the Creative Europe MEDIA programme and the Media and Audiovisual Action Plan, the Commission will launch an awareness campaign on Gender & Diversity focusing on audiovisual and news media. The goal is to encourage women to pursuing careers in domains and roles that are still perceived as “masculine” and therefore considered inaccessible. By advocating the need to ensure diversity and gender balance in all the roles of the value chain, the campaign will aim to dismantle persistent imbalances in these sectors. It will therefore spotlight diverse female European professionals in order to make a wide range of professions known and send out a positive message for a larger inclusion of women and less privileged groups of the population in these careers.

Creative Europe MEDIA will pursue with its gender goal by fostering engagement with stakeholders, raising awareness, collecting data, and establishing networking aiming to enhance women and less privileged groups’ access to finance, visibility and equal opportunities.    

More information about the actions on gender implemented by MEDIA since 2018