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Lithuania sets 20% target for innovation procurement

Lithuania's "2021 - 2030 National Progress Plan" has set the target that 20% of the value of all public procurement in the country needs to go to innovation procurement by the year 2030. The country plans to achieve this by steadily increasing the share of procurement that is spent on public procurement of innovative solutions and on pre-commercial procurement.

Lithuania aims to improve its overall ranking in the European Innovation Scoreboard, including in particular also its ranking in the EU wide benchmarking of national investments and policy frameworks innovation procurement. In order to acthieve this objective, it created a new national strategy for this called "the 2021 - 2030 National Progress Plan".

One of the key goal of this national strategy is to achieve that 20% of all public procurement in Lithuania goes to innovation procurement by the year 2030. The Lithuanian Ministry of the Economy and Innovation is the coordinating body, other Ministries are obliged to participate actively by pursuing the goals. 

A number of concrete actions are planned to achieve this goal:

1. Establishment of a national Lithuanian Innovation procurement competence center
2. Financial support for innovation procurement for contracting authorities
3. More staff working at the Innovation Agency that work on innovation procurement
4. New guidelines and templates for public procurements for stakeholders
More information (in Lithuanian)