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PROJECTS STORY | 15 May 2020

Lower Austria invests €310 million in broadband infrastructure for rural communities

In rural communities in Lower Austria, where telecom companies had not invested for 15 years, the State took action, creating a company dedicated to bringing broadband access to over 450,000 people. Vice President of the nöGIG company, Igor Brusic, explained: “Without broadband, the inhabitants and companies are forced to move from these rural areas to urban ones. Investing or building up a financial structure and attracting capital for rural areas is something that makes this project unique”. This project was a finalist in the 2019 European Broadband Awards.

Title over view of rural agricultural landscape in Lower Austria: Lower Austria invests €310 million in broadband for rural communities 350,000-450,000 new FTTH connections

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nöGIG - the Lower Austrian Fibre Infrastucture Company - employs a three-layer open model, separating infrastructure, active operators and service provision, which operates on a wholesale-only model. The project will recoup its €310 million investment over 30 years, after which the network will be 100% owned by the State. 

Read more about this and other 2019 European Broadband Awards winning projects in the brochure Broadband Good Practices from the 2019 European Broadband Awards, as well as in the project’s factsheet in the European Commission database of good practices in broadband projects.

This video is part of the European Broadband Competence Offices (BCO) Network’s programme promoting awareness of good practices in broadband projects as well as EU broadband funding and policy. The programme includes a series of videosarticles and publications accessible through the BCO Network portal.

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