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National eIDs of six countries available for the EU citizens to use cross-border

Thanks to the eIDAS Regulation, EU citizens can now use national eIDs of 6 countries (Germany, Italy, Estonia, Spain, Croatia and Luxembourg) cross-border to access European online public services.

eIDAS Regulation - eID

European Commission

From November 2019, European citizens can use national eID schemes from 6 EU countries across borders, thanks to the eIDAS Regulation. Member States are now obliged to recognise the German National Identity Card and Electronic Residence Permit, the Italian eID means of SPID (Public System of Digital Identity), six Estonian eID means (ID card, RP card, Digi-ID, e-Residency Digi-ID, Mobiil-ID, Diplomatic identity card), the Spanish DNIe, the Luxembourgish National Identity Card and the Croatian Personal Identity Card (eOI) when citizens from other countries want to use their online public services. Businesses can also benefit from this cross-border recognition of electronic identification as the use of eID under eIDAS is open to the private sector.

More information on the eID schemes and the eIDAS regulation