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NEWS ARTICLE | 28 August 2015

New survey shows potential for cross-border access to online content, mainly among young people

Considering a paid subscription to watch films, listen to music, play games or read e-books online? For almost one in three Europeans, it would be important to be able to use this subscription when travelling in another EU country.

image of a young women listening to music on her mobile
Thinkstock - image of a young women listening to music on her mobile

The younger the people are, the more they are attracted by cross-border opportunities. The figure goes up to 58 % amongst the 15-24 year olds and 46 % of those aged 25-39.

These are some of the findings of a Eurobarometer survey published today by the European Commission. Data also shows that cross-border access to online content is still an uneasy experience: 56% of Europeans who have tried to access a service meant for users in another EU country met problems. While 8% of all European Internet users have tried to access such services, young people (15-24 years old) are the most likely to have tried – almost one in five.

This shows the potential demand for cross-border access to legal content which will grow as the market flourishes. Subscriptions to online content – in particular for audio-visual and music – are growing fast: consumer spending on digital video subscriptions increased by 147,5 % in 2013, according to another independent study.

As part of its Digital Single Market Strategy announced in May, the European Commission will modernise EU copyright rules in the light of the digital revolution. The new rules, to be presented in the coming months, will ensure portability of online subscriptions across the EU as well as facilitate cross-border access to online content.

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