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Open access to scientific publications Horizon 2020 projects

Within the Horizon 2020 funding program, scientific articles published by EU-funded projects have to be freely accessible for all.

Sometimes journals ask for high fees to get access to an article. But this goes against EU principles: A science or innovation project (whether or not partially) paid for by the public, is primarily meant for the benefit of that public, and its publications should therefore be open for everyone to consult and use.

Horizon 2020 (H2020) takes a big step towards so called "Open Science" in Europe. All projects receiving H2020 funding will have the obligation to make sure any peer reviewed journal article they publish is openly accessible, free of charge.

Infrastructure: OpenAIRE

The OpenAIRE project supports the implementation of open access in Europe. This three-year project has established infrastructure for EU-funded researchers to support them in complying with the guidelines on open access:

  • OpenAIRE provides a repository facility for researchers who do not have access to an institutional or discipline-specific repository.
  • At the OpenAIRE portal and e-Infrastructure you can find the repository networks and explore scientific data management services together with five disciplinary communities.
  • The project also provides an extensive European helpdesk system, based on a distributed network of national and regional liaison offices in 27 countries, to ensure localized help to researchers within their own context.

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